How to end the pandemic: Get a Vaccine!

Marley Brown practicing what she preaches by getting the Covid-19 vaccine!

Marley Brown practicing what she preaches by getting the Covid-19 vaccine!

Marley Brown, Writer

Microchip. Injecting you with metal. The magnet will stick to you. Bill Gates is tracking you. All rumors and theories on why anti-vaxxers in America refuse to get the Covid-19 vaccine. Americans should be getting the vaccine because it will bring an end to the pandemic, allow life to go back to normal, and protect yourself and others from this harmful virus. 

These three different vaccines are available to people over the age of 18: Pfizer, Moderna, and Johnson and Johnson. Pfizer is the only vaccine that is available for 12 and up. The Moderna and Pfizer vaccines are two-dose shots and J&J is one dose. The efficacy of J&J is around 67%.  Pfizer and Moderna have an efficacy rate of almost 98%, 2 weeks after the second shot.  

Some Americans are getting sick from the second dose of their vaccine and healthcare officials are saying this is normal. Scientifically, the vaccines are made up of mRNA, salt solutions, water, and lipid bubbles. Pfizer is stored at -80 degrees F and Moderna is stored at a regular freezer temperature. 

These vaccines are not only safe, but they are helping put an end to this long, dreadful pandemic.  As more people get vaccinated, more life has started to go back to “normal.” The White House says, “Already 63 percent of adult Americans have received at least one shot, and 52 percent of adult Americans are fully vaccinated. Already 12 states have 70 percent of adults with at least one shot.”

Some believe that the government made the vaccines, but it was really different organizations that did. They are being paid by the government but not manufactured by the government. This means the government is paying trusted organizations to produce a vaccine that targets Covid-19. The government is advertising it and encouraging it but not making it. Nothing about these vaccines is unsafe, they are only going to help. 

We will never reach the country of being fully vaccinated because it is a free country, full of diverse beliefs and there are anti-vaxxers who don’t believe in it. The hesitancy behind some individuals getting vaccinated is because of an insane amount of rumors and theories like metal is being injected with the vaccine, they are microchip-tracking us, etc. Anti-vaxxers have spread rumors that Bill Gates is tracking us, which is also not true.  Others don’t believe in the vaccine for religious reasons. Some religions that don’t believe in vaccination are some extremely religious individuals; they don’t believe God wants them to put that into their bodies.  

Although everyone has the right to not get it, the more people who get the vaccine the more we can resume life as we want. Some people’s hesitancy about the vaccine is more understandable than others, like for a religious reasons; but, by not getting it, it is still taking a toll on ending the pandemic. Sure, we may eventually reach herd immunity through people getting infected and surviving, but though those antibodies will protect you, they only last a short period of time, giving opportunity for variants. The vaccines are scientifically proven to protect from variants, too. It may become a vaccine we get once a year like the flu shot. As this virus becomes something we live with, we need to all do our part and get the vaccine. It’s not going to kill you. 

In my opinion, the vaccine should not be an option. For this pandemic to come to an end, we need everyone in the U.S. and around the world to get a shot. There is no science behind the theories that people are coming up with. These theories are irrational and are spreading false information. The vaccines may give you short term, cold-like symptoms, but it is not going to kill you. Dr. Fuacci (head of CDC) says at this point we have enough vaccines that anyone eligible can get one. It is beyond important to know that these vaccines are safe. 

If you want to take your mask off and let people see your smile again, just get a shot. If the United States reaches a 90% vaccination rate, we can resume our lives. I know I want to have a normal life again, without a mask, so please get the vaccine.  It is simple, walk into a CVS or Walgreens, as long as you’re 12 or up, you can receive a shot. If you want this pandemic to end, if you want to be able to see friends, travel, go back to normal, and be protected from this deadly virus, get a shot. Oh, and P.S., it’s free, no insurance needed!!