The Parking Situation Isn’t Spot On.

Elle Fingold and Makyle Ramos

Yes, driving to school and the feeling of a new responsibility that we’ve been waiting over 16 years for might be rewarding, but it also comes with many difficulties. Through the looks of these pictures one might wonder why one school parks in three different places? The answer to that question is that there is an influx of cars and a limited amount of student parking spaces in the parking lot. Due to the amount of student drivers there isn’t room for all of us. Many students have to park in the road or in the park across from school. With that comes many issues, one being students are often late for school. Classmates typically run into class 5 minutes after the bell hoping they won’t suffer the consequence of something not in their control. Some people might think the answer to that is to get to school earlier, but there simply aren’t enough spots for everyone no matter the time you arrive at school.