Improving the Impurities of Our School

Hall High School has shown that it doesn’t know what to do with its money. They have thrown money at useless projects, and cut budgets from places that severely need attention. Obviously, it’s hard for a school to know what to spend their money on immediately. Obviously, schools can make mistakes and it’s hard to change what has already been done. But sometimes, the school needs to take a closer look at their budget before they spend it. 

The bathrooms at Hall are very low quality, especially in the upstairs section of the school. The school neglects areas of the school like this that could desperately use funding, and students would greatly appreciate new and clean bathrooms. Instead, they spend it on areas of the school that very few students even know exist, such as workout bikes, and a gaming computer lab. 

Most of the school budget is being used on technology that isn’t needed such as giant monitors in the robotics lab. There is rarely any use for the monitors in the robotics lab because there are desktop computers right there, and people find themselves using their own technology instead as well. The big monitors in the computer lab have proved to be not needed.

Also, during an average day in the cardio room, only one or two people are using the bikes at a time, leaving approximately 20 bikes empty and unused. Taking the budget spent on those bikes and using that for something else would’ve been significantly more useful to the school. So, while the refurbishment of the cardio room was necessary, it wasn’t executed properly.