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Adam Busi at the Grand Canyon

Adam Busi, Editor

Adam Busi Is an ambitious senior at hall with dreams of becoming a pilot, but he also hopes to make a difference with his perspective through his writing.


Q: What career do you dream about pursuing and can you actually visualize yourself in that role?

A: I want to be a pilot and I can visualize myself in that. I can't see myself not being able to do it.


Q: Who in your life inspires you to push through and keep going in the dark times in the world, and why?

A: I guess my mom definitely helps me out a lot and keeps me going. She helps me to succeed in a lot of things.


Q: What in the media has left a significant impact on your mindset and, or lifestyle?

A: Just how there's so much arguing in it. It kinda gets annoying. It just kinda makes me feel distant from it.


Q: What do you use to stay up to date with the media?

A: I guess every once in a while I'll watch a little bit of the news with my mom, and I usually see some news in the morning.

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Adam Busi