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Alex Torino

Alex Torino, Editor

Alex Torino, 18,  is a senior at Hall High School who's lived in West Hartford all his life. He plans to go to college and learn about computer science to one day do a co-op for a big computer science company.

Q: What hobbies do you have outside of school? Any sports? 

A: I like robotics and I also enjoy cross country, I’m on the cross country team and tennis. And I enjoy spending time with my friends.

Q: How has the pandemic affected you? Has it affected any sports or hobbies you like to do?

A: The pandemic has affected me by making school difficult because it takes away interactions that you can only have when you're in person and it makes learning much more difficult. Oh yeah,  I’m on a robotics team and since we can’t meet in person at all because of the pandemic, it’s making this season a lot more difficult. 

Q: What is your dream job? Why? What interests you about that job?

A: My dream job would probably be software engineering since it’s something I learned about from computer science classes at Hall and it’s something that I think I’m good at and I enjoy. What interests me the most is that it uses skills that I've learned before being interested in that math. Because In one of the classes from Hall, Computer Science A, I learned how to program in java and that’s kinda like the gateway programming language to learning a bunch of other ones so I think I have the potential to do well in that path.

Q: What interests you about Journalism? What do you wish to get out of it?

A: The things I’m interested in about journalism are current events, I’m very interested in current events. Various topics like science technology, entertainment. Anything related to those topics. From journalism, I wish to learn how to interview people and how to discuss current events.

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Alex Torino