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Amecca dribbles past the competition!

Amecca Freeman, Editor

Amecca Freeman is an 18 year old senior at Hall High School who cares about history, athletics, and ethics. He is a good student and is very committed to success academically and in life. He hopes to make a positive impact and add a lot of knowledge to the Hall Record.

Q: What is your main source of news?
A: I like to look at the news on Apple News plus or NPR, sometimes, I just wake up in the morning and listen to the NPR news. Whenever I have free time I tend to look online and see what's happening in the world.

Q: How will you be different from other journalists?
A: By asking the right questions and listening to important topics, I believe that our liberty is dependent on freedom of thought, which cannot be limited without loss of value.

Q: Who would you consider an important person in your life?
A: My mom, she's gone up and beyond for me throughout my whole life, and shes always been there for me whenever I needed help.

Q: What topics are you going to focus on?
A: Probably African American history, this kind of history that has been forgotten is something that i'm really going to focus on. I believe that Black history is not history in itself. This is our whole history, this is American history, and we have to understand it.

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Amecca Freeman