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Ava Kobelski

Ava Kobelski, a driven student and athlete, is eager to inform others through journalism and about topics she is passionate about. 

Q: What are your goals? 

A: My goal right now is getting into a good college, it's become my whole focus. I'm also returning for my soccer season after my ACL injury so I really want to have a good season this year after all the work I've put in to come back. 

Q: What made you want to take journalism? 

A: Well, I really do like writing and I am also a big fan of Gilmore Girls, if you know what that is. I enjoyed watching Rory in journalism, it was really cool to me. I also do keep up with the news so I was kinda excited to have a class that did both. 

Q: What kind of stories do you look for on the news? 

A:  I try to look for very uplifting stories. I try to really avoid a lot of the negative ones, if that's just people doing good deeds or something that went well in the world.

Q: What kind of topics do you want to write about? 

A: I’m really excited to write about how a lot of female athletes don’t have equal pay and how there is quite a lack of equality between genders. 

Q: How has journalism made an impact in your life? 

A: I think it's made an impact in my life by giving me information from reading a bunch of different articles. It's really showed how people have so much control in our world today, and taught me how I can take action in topics I'm interested in. 

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Ava Kobelski