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Beau Adams hi-fives his teammates during a game.

Beau Adams, Editor

Beau Adams, 17, is a senior at hall high school. Journalism has become one of his many interests and he hopes to learn more about it this year with Ms.Fransen.

Q; When did you realize you were interested in journalism?

A: “I realized I was interested when I saw all the things that needed to be reported on in today’s world. With so much going on, it’s our right hear about it.”

Q: Why do you think journalism is important?

A:  “It's important because there is a lot of false information on the internet and you have to make sure you get accurate information. Holding everyone accountable limits the amount of “fake” news that gets reported.”

Q: "How do you believe journalism maintains its relevance? In other words, what about it makes sure it stays important and necessary?

A: "Journalism will always be essential. Like I said earlier, it keeps everyone in check. Thanks to this, no one has limitless power."

Q: if you were a journalist, who would you want to interview?

A:“Kanye West… not because I agree with his views but because his opinion shifts day by day. I think it would be interesting to get his viewpoint now because I think this views now would be different from a year ago and a year into the future.”

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