Ben Bomzer

Ben Bomzer, Editor

I hope you all can join me in officially welcoming Ben Bomzer to Hall Record.  Ben has a four-year-long history of writing for our sister paper, Hall Highlights.

Q: How would people describe you?

A: I’d say that people would describe me as hardworking, tenacious, and persistent.

Q: Are you a part of any sports team?

A: I run track as a sprinter.

Q: Have you had any experience with journalism before?

A: My grandfather has always been really passionate about journalism. He was the Editor of Newsday on Long Island and then became the founding dean of the school of journalism at Stony Brook University. So, he’s always been a big influence on me when it comes to journalism and I took this class to find out more about it.

Q: Have you had any experience with the school newspaper?

A: I’ve been a part of the newspaper since I came to Hall and am now the Section Editor for the features and sports sections.

Q: What are you looking to report on in journalism?

A: I’m interested in reporting on the smaller and more personal things happening in the school community, like student opinions.

Q: What are you hoping to gain from this class?

A: I’m hoping to gain a better appreciation for reporting, and a deeper connection to the community around me.

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Ben Bomzer