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Ben Frey in the streets of Paris, standing normally in front of a Dacia Sandero

Benjamin Frey, Editor

Ben Frey  is an avid car enthusiast who joined Hall Record hoping to share his passion with the rest of rest of the Hall community. 

Are you actively involved in the hall community? Sports or clubs? I would say so. I’m a part of Psychology Club, but I would say that most of my contributions to the Hall community come during the school day, not after school activities.


Are there traits that you will learn from Psychology Club that will help you in journalism? Learning how people think will probably be pretty useful. It may help me to better understand how other people are feeling and why they are feeling that way.


Why did you take journalism? Why take the class? I think journalism is important. It has a big impact on the world and how we view current events.


Do you think journalism is vital for the world's future?  Yeah. If we want to know what's actually happening and what our leaders are doing, then journalism is necessary.


Now, how will skills you learn in journalism help you in your future career? I hope to study law and then become a practicing attorney. Skills in journalism would definitely help me with interviewing witnesses and clients, as well as researching prior cases.


Now, are there topics in particular that you would want to focus on when we write? I'm very passionate about cars and the automotive community, I would like to focus my writing on the automotive industry, A story that I have been thinking about recently is the decrease in manual transmission cars being manufactured. We are headed towards a world where every production car is ether automatic, CVT, or DCT.

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Benjamin Frey