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Benji Kosovskiy

Benji Kosovskiy, Editor

Benji Kosovskiy a West Hartford Connecticut Student of Hall High School who is also on the swim team strives for success, Interested in law and Computer programing, we can look forward to him sharing his experiences in swim and giving us insight on the latest with technology.

Q:What inspires you 

A: Probably my dad inspires me to do better in life because I wanna create a better future for my family and that kinda keeps me going.

Q: Why are you here 

A: to get an education and hopefully have a successful future.

Q: What are some of your interests 

A: I like technology because I have always been around Tech my whole life. So things like computer programming I enjoy, as well as law.

Q: Do you have a goal that you want to Achieve 

A: I want to eventually go to law school, and work in a corporate law firm.

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Benji Kosovskiy