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Dyanara as a 4 year old

Dyanara Santa, Editor

At just 17 years old Dyanara brings a rich latino cultural background to Hall Records and wishes to write about her experiences. She believes that Journalism class is the best way for her to accomplish her goal of amplifying diverse voices and experiences.

Q. Why did you join journalism?

A. I thought journalism sounded very interesting even though I don't know much about it and also I wanted to improve my writing skills so I that I can express myself better.

Q. What is your favorite memory and why?

A. I don’t have a really good memory but I can say that any trips to Puerto Rico with my family always stay on my mind. It’s always exhilarating. Every moment I have with my family it brings me back to my background because being in America is completely different than what is like in Puerto Rico.

Q. Tell me about your culture.

A. I am Puerto Rican. I feel like a stick out a little bit. Mentally I stick out. Being in a majority white school…we all have our differences people not might be able to tell that I am hispanic, but I do feel that I stick out 

Q.What is your favorite person and why?

A. My dog Koko. I have 3 dogs but I take care of one mostly and he stays with me 24/7 so basically he is my dog. I raised him. We are always together. If I leave the house I will miss him the most. 

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Dyanara Santa