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Dylan Muskrat, Editor

Dylan Muskrat is a senior at Hall High School whose biggest hobby is cooking. He is looking forward to writing impactful news articles for the Titan Times and exploring the different perspectives of individuals at Hall.

Q: What is a hobby of yours?

A:  I do a lot of cooking at home. Usually I make dinner for my family, and then I bake too. A few nights ago I made Japanese curry with rice. That was pretty good. And then I did chicken parm. I do various things, mostly whatever is in the house. For baking I try to make unique desserts, for example, I made matcha brownies a few weeks ago

Q:  What are your strengths and weaknesses?

A: Strength. I feel like I'm good at listening to different people's opinions, and taking into account everyone's point of view. For Weakness Im not great at public speaking and I also sometimes find it hard to ask for help because I try too hard to rely on myself

Q: What about journalism interests you?

A: I like writing stories about things that I care about. I feel in English classes I don't feel motivated to write because the topic doesn't interest me, but in journalism I can choose a topic that interests me. I would say controversy interests me the most. I enjoy diving into both sides of an argument and trying to understand each perspective.

Q: What are some important traits you believe journalists should have? 

A: I think journalists should be open-minded and you shouldn't really go in with an expectation or else you're just gonna write about what you want to write about.

Q: What are some problems you have with journalism?

A: Sometimes I think the news affects people too much and people tend to have heavy emotions and opinions about little pieces of news, I also think journalism tends to be pretty negative now because bad news gets more views than good news.

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Dylan Muskrat