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Henry Hyland, Editor

Henry Hyland, 18, is a senior this year at Hall high school. Although writing isn’t a more prominent skill of his, he wishes to improve upon it and inform others about topics he finds interesting. 

Q: What do you do outside of school? Do you have any sort of hobbies?

A: Not a lot - I don’t really experiment with what I do unless it falls under the category of something I already know I'm into. I play a handful of video games, but I mostly focus on hobbies. When it comes to hobbies, really just anything relating to trains. Both going out to photograph real trains and working with models are fun for me, I've been doing it for a majority of my time and I don't plan on quitting anytime soon.

Q: If you could only tell one story for the rest of your life, what would it be?

A: I couldn’t decide if my life depended on it. I’m not saying I don’t have any stories to tell, rather that the handful that I have are vastly different so I can’t exactly compare them. Between summer camp escapades, family road trips, miscellaneous school occurrences, mishaps with models, and other wacky events, I can’t pick a solid answer.

Q: What sort of topics would you like to write about in Journalism?

A: I’m not really into current events, so I probably won’t write about that.  I can see myself writing mostly about trains, I haven't met people who cover trains except people who are into them or are getting paid by the hour, I think it could lead to . I’m not saying nobody would read my stuff but people usually aren’t that interested or dedicated. Something else I might be able to write about would include trending topics, if I write about them it would be mostly dependent on the subject, I can see myself sitting down and writing about something like YouTube drama or how somebody's influence is negatively affecting a hobby.

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