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Jalen Artis dives head-first into the deep end of journalism. Learning how his miniscule experiences with journalism previously, can better help his understanding of the world around him; as well as the world within him. Envisioning becoming the most successful version of himself he can be.


Q: What are some things you are passionate about?

A: So I enjoy music, I enjoy quality time with my family, I enjoy being out with friends. I'm interested in IT work and how I can make my life the best life I want it to be. I’m also interested in becoming financially free. 


Q: What does journalism mean to you?

A: I feel like journalism is definitely important. We learned in class stories if not recorded, it wouldn’t be told.


Q:What has journalism done for you? Can you name any personal experiences where journalism has impacted you?

A: I can’t name any exact personal experiences. Personally, I know nationally sometimes journalism is definitely important. We wouldn't know about a lot of things for example, the Ukraine war, or some instances that happened that would make a big deal today.


Q:What do you want to get out of this journalism class?

A: Honestly, I want to be able to go out and have an interview with somebody, like a professional interview. Because I feel that's kind of needed in some jobs, and that might be important to have in your catalog of skills. I already learned what journalism is and how it affects us day to day because it actually does. 


This interview was condensed for length and clarity.

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