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James Nascimento, Editor

James Nascimento is a senior at Hall High School who is deeply intrigued by the field of Marine Biology and is currently involved with The Coral Project at Hall High School


  • Is there someone you look up to?

Other than my parents I don’t have an idol or anything like that.


  • What is your favorite subject in school?

My favorite subject in school would be Marine biology and Journalism. Both are very interesting classes, I like most of my classes this year. 


  • What drew you to pick this class?

This class looked very interesting because I could write in the school paper and share my opinions with the entire school.


  •  Do you think this class will help you in the future?

Not particularly because I’m going into marine biology but it might help my social skills and interviewing skills and my writing skills, I just think this is a very interesting and fun class.


  • Can you describe your best writing qualities?

It’s very easy for me to put my mind onto paper and when in “the zone” I could very easily write a whole paper.


  • Is there a certain reason why you write?

Not particularly, I think if it’s like a story I would like to put my ideas for stories out there.

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Image Taken on iPhone 11

[PHOTO] James Nascimento

February 23, 2021
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James Nascimento