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Jamila Yaye

Jamila Yaye, Editor

Djamila is a young woman seeking her place in society. She channels her positivity through her consistent and frank ideals while holding a steadfast belief in hard work.

  • Q:What are some of your hobbies?

Some of my hobbies are that I enjoy doing my hair and makeup, and I get to perform this stylistic hobby as a side job.

  • Q: What factors motivate you?

I would say my family is a really big motivator for me in life.

  •  Q: Do you think the importance of journalism is increasing?

Yes because it helps spread important, relevant messages and helps get the word out.

  • Q: How would you handle possible criticism from the material you write in Journalism?

I wouldn’t let it affect me, and I would speak up and defend myself. It’s important to let your voice be heard.   

  • Q: How do you find a balance between academic and social life? 

I generally prioritize school work and am capable of putting off the social aspect until done so. 

  • Q: What do you think is the most fundamental thing to success?  

Being able to consistently be yourself and not letting negativity get to you. 

  • Q: What is your dream or do you have a long-term goal of the sort?

Yes, I want to go to college to get a good education, and open my own business and become a nurse. 



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Jamila Yaye