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Jessica Berman, Editor-in-Chief of Hall Highlights

Jessica is an enthusiastic, curious, and driven individual, who will contribute greatly to HallRecord this semester. She acknowledges flaws within modern media, specifically “fake news,” and hopes to become a credible source by only including factual information in her pieces.


Q: How would you describe yourself?

A: I would describe myself as a "go-getter." I really like to achieve my goals and I always like to have a plan. I would also say that I am really organized; every day I have a to-do list and I like to check off everything at the end of the day.


Q: What was it about journalism that drew you in?

A: I think credibility is really important, so I want to be a voice of credibility because of all the fake news that goes around. I want to spread facts and that got me interested in becoming a journalist myself.


Q: How do you think journalism will change your world view?

A: I think journalism will change my world view because I believe that, I mean I like to hope that I'm only reading real facts. So, when I'm reading pieces that are credible and true, those pieces will change my opinion for the better and make me believe the side that’s actually accurate. I think journalism will make me more educated because I will hear an abundance of opinions.


Q: Which famous person would you want to interview, and why?

A: I think I would want to interview Kanye West. He just seems to have these really staunch perspectives that I think would be really interesting to analyze. I also think his opinions change so often that I could sort of call him out on that if I had the chance to interview him. 

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Jessica Berman