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Keilynn Claudio, Editor

Keilynn Claudio, an avid artist, is new to journalism and eager to use her passion of helping others and spreading awareness on various issues to publish articles. 


Q: Have you ever published a piece of your own writing? 

A:I have not yet published an article of my own, but I look forward to publishing many in the near future. I will work to create an impact on my community and peers. 


Q:What do you plan on writing about in this class? 

A: I plan on writing about the communities that aren’t focused on often. Typically journalism seems to highlight politics and similar groups but I much rather read about groups that have untold stories and don’t get the attention that they deserve. This class is a great way for me to bring light to various issues that don’t get talked about in the news. My job moving forward in journalism is to not speak for people, but to share their stories and allow for readers to hear the raw truth of life and not just a sugar coated version that looks pretty on paper.


Q: What motivates you? 

A: My motivation is thinking about all I can achieve in one day. I wake up in the morning thinking about what I can do differently to make it a better day than the last. I think about making a difference in my community. I don’t plan on changing the world, I am just one person but I believe if I can change one thing that is unjust, I will feel successful. Thinking about my passions -helping my community- and how I can use that to make the future better, motivates me. 


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