Walking Home from School

Lauren Cook , Editor

Lauren Cook is a 17 year old Hall High student who enjoys athletic activities. She was born in West Hartford, Connecticut on February 16th, 2002. Lauren in the past has played basketball for Hall taking up most of her free time having practice 6 days a week. She also enjoys playing soccer on a team outside of Hall. When asked why she was interested in journalism she responded with, “I want students' voices to be heard and get a different perspective from the adults.” Journalism made a big impact on her life when the Sandy Hook Shooting happened and wanted to expand on her knowledge of news events. What she is most excited about journalism is being able to read and write about current news and to explore deeper into different topics.

From a young age, Lauren has always been interested in sports. For her whole life so far, she has been engaged in sports teams. Some of her other passions are working with little kids and coaching soccer. Lauren has always liked helping younger kids and wants to become a teacher later on in life. Lauren goes about her day trying to cheer people up when they are having a bad day. She says she finds joy in making people's days better. 

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Lauren Cook