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Michael Harrington, editor

 Michael Harrington had one thing in mind when asked what he will do as a journalist: to advocate for change.

Q: Why are you taking Journalism?

A: I am taking Journalism because it gives you a wide range of a lot of subjects you could write about; I think it’s one of the more creative writing courses which utilizes you to pick and choose what you want to write on.

Q: What are your interests inside and outside of school?

A: I used to play soccer - I tore my ACL, so I don’t really play as much anymore,. But I like to play golf, I like to play pickup ball, and I like to go to the gym.

Q: How would you describe yourself?

A: I would say I’m determined… I think that when I get my mindset to something, I like to accomplish it.

Q: Do you know what you want to do as Journalist?

A:  I think there are a lot of regulations and things this school has gotten tighter on which I might check out. For example, ISS. I think that those are a complete waste of time and I think it is counterintuitive to take someone out of the classroom and put them in ISS when those are likely the kids who should be in class.



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