Mira Goldstein

Mira Goldstein, Editor

Mira Goldstein, 17, is a young aspiring journalist ready to take on the world one article at a time. Mira found her passion for journalism at the young age of 13, and since then has looked forward to publishing her own articles. Sustainability is Mira's passion and what she plans to write about for the Hall Record.

Q: What made you interested in journalism? 

A: I first started watching and reading the news in 2016. I was in middle school and so much was going around about the upcoming elections and I wanted to be involved. This got me interested in the politics section of the news and as I later explored further, I found the sports section of the New York Times. I continued exploring different sections and that's how I found out about many of the issues in the world I later became passionate about. 

Q: What part of journalism intrigues you the most?

A: I really like the way journalism is able to spread information to such a large group of people. I also love how, unlike so many other types of writing, journalism is so open-ended and there are very few rules attached. I feel that I can freely express myself in any way I want. 

Q: In what way do you think journalism contributes positively to the world?

A: Journalism is a really beautiful thing. Journalism allows you to bring awareness to certain issues that normally might not be brought up in other spaces.  It can also create sympathy and in ways bring a community together.  

Q: Outside of journalism, what do you like to do with your time?

A: I love staying active and find that to be my main outlet. I love to go to yoga classes, lift weights, and ski.

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Mira Goldstein