• December 18Hall High School Going Remote 12/21-12/23
Trying to take a picture by myself.

Nicolai Roseen, Editor

Kate Whalley sat down with Nicolai Roseen to discuss what will inform his reporting this year. 

How do you feel about the way school is set up this year? 

N: Last semester, it was pretty boring since it usually was just webcams and not even seeing most people’s faces most of the time, so I kinda like how this year is set up. 

What kind of topics interest you to write about?

N: Usually science.

Why those particular two things?

N: [With] science, you learn stuff about the world you hadn’t learned previously.

What do you want to be after high school and where do you think might journalism fit into it? 

N: I’m thinking of working a job that involves engineering, so maybe there’s some way it might fit in, but I’m not sure right now. 

Do you think you’ll be covering more things related to engineering this year? 

N: Probably. 

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Trying to take a picture by myself.

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