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Patrick Liddell

Interested in a variety of topics - spanning history to sports to business - Patrick is excited to contribute his unique perspective to Hall Record.

What are your favorite subjects at school?

I think this year, My favorite will be Journalism, I think it’s a very interesting class. In past years, probably History. I’ve taken a lot of good history classes like Modern Warfare and Genocide Studies, and those have been pretty interesting.

Why did you take journalism?

I took journalism because my brother took it and he said it was a really cool class. You get to write for the newspaper and I got to see some of his writings when he was a Senior. I also thought it was a cool experience to get my ideas and name out there.

What kind of journalism do you plan to write? What topics do you want to cover?

Right now I’m doing my interview in class on a golf championship. I probably plan on writing about something in the school like the problems with the lunch or topics that are sports related. 

What are you involved in outside of school?

I’m on the soccer team for our school as well as a club team outside of school. I play a lot of golf as well in my free time. I spend a lot of time doing both of those. 

What’s your biggest influence in life?

Probably my parents. My parents have always been there for me and helped me when I needed it. I want to be able to help my kids and my future family. So I guess working hard and just the aspect of working hard to have a successful future is what inspires me. 

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Patrick Liddell