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Ryan Mendoza, Editor

Ryan Mendoza has lived his whole life in West Hartford and as a student is now taking the opportunity to participate in the Journalism class so that he can publish his articles about the school. 

Check out his profile from The Hall Record. Does this accomplish the purpose? Is it a worthwhile profile? Let’s check it out! 

Q - Why did you choose to take Journalism? 

A - “To be honest, it was like an option given to me as a class, and the only one that I didn’t seem to hate or that I think I didn’t going to hate.”

Q - Have you always lived in West Hartford? 

A - “Yeah, I have. I mean I was like born in Hartford and stayed there for a year.”

Q - Do you have any personal experience in Journalism?

A - “No, I do not. I uh, this is my first time having to do any of this like articles and stuff."

Q - What kind of topics would you want to write an article about? 
A - “I haven’t really thought about it too much but I would do like confess---maybe student population -- I don’t know and like --- I don’t know I might do like do something about how people are like at Hall.”

It’s time to end with a question that may let you understand him a little more.

Q - If you were to have the opportunity to choose one, what would it be? Have any super power of your choice OR Be the richest man alive.

A - “I would definitely choose to be the richest man alive because the freedom of having unlimited money seems very cool to me.”


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