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Hall student Sienna walking in Boston

Sienna Zitzkat, Editor

Lede: Sienna Zitzkat, a senior at Hall, is driven by endless determination. She hopes to make a difference at Hall through her writing. 

Q: How would describe yourself? Like, as a person or a student?

A: I would say I’m hardworking. If I have a reason to be motivated I will be. 

Q: What are you interested in? What are you passionate about?

A: Probably going to college and getting a degree. 

Q: Do you have any extracurricular, or hobbies you do outside of school?

A: Last year I managed the boys hockey team, and this year I’m managing the soccer team. 

Q: You said something about college, do you have any idea what you want to major in?

A: Oh yea, I want to major in business marketing. 

Q: Is there anything you think you’ll probably write about?

A: If I was to write about anything it would be rules in school I don’t agree with. 

Q:Is there anything that you would say has influenced you a lot in life?

A: The motivation to go somewhere in my life and have a future. That’s what makes me want to work hard.

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Sienna Zitzkat