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Sophie Miller

Sophie Miller, Editor


Sophie Miller is student who's passionate about writing. She wants to further her education in writing in college, and loves sharing her ideas with others.  She's very passionate about keeping the earth green and protecting animals. She's new to Journalism, but is excited to research new and intriguing topics.

Q: What topic(s) do you plan on writing about this semester?

A: Climate change, the prison system and just other things going on in the media people might not be aware of.

Q: Are there any moments you remember that sparked your interest in journalism?

A: I really like to write. I'm majoring in writing and rhetoric in college and I thought Journalism would be a good way to get my writing out and have people read it.

Q: What is something you are looking forward to doing in journalism?

A: I think I'm looking forward to writing in general. I usually don't write to inform, so it'll be fun to learn how to adapt a new writing style for this class.

Q: Is journalism something that appeals to you as a profession?

A: I think there's a lot of things I'd like to do, and pretty much every profession requires you to be able to take in information and streamline it. So, I guess technically no matter what I end up doing journalism will be apart of my profession; so yes.


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March 18, 2021
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Sophie Miller