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Sydney Johnson, Editor

Although she’s studying to be a lawyer, Sydney’s excited to express herself through fashion in this journalism class.

Q: Why were you interested in taking journalism?

A: I feel like journalism’s kinda interesting, it’s cool to write about things that you’re interested in and also different topics and stuff.

Q: What topics are you looking forward to writing about?

A: I’m really into fashion, so like fashion topics, just stuff from the fashion industry and then maybe some other topics like stuff that’s going on in the world.

Q: What do you enjoy about writing?

A: I enjoy sharing my point of view and sharing what I think about different topics. I also enjoy learning from other people that have different perspectives. I feel like writing is a good way to really express how you feel.

Q: What are some things you’ve accomplished throughout your school career? Any highlights?

A: I had mostly good grades all throughout, I made new friends which was one of my goals for the beginning of high school. I’ve also been focusing on myself and learning how to not care what people think.

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