Tommy Cravedi

Tommy Cravedi, Editor

Tommy Cravedi is a 17 year old student at Hall High School in West Hartford, Connecticut. Born on August 31, 2000, in Newton, Massachusetts, Tommy spent the first three years of his life in Worcester, Massachusetts before moving to West Hartford.

Tommy is enrolled in Journalism at Hall High; it teaches kids about the ins and outs of creating and reading news articles. When asked what Tommy wanted to write about, he stated, “I don’t want to write about politics, but rather important current events.” Tommy also stated, “I enjoy Journalism more than my other classes.” Despite the interest he has in Journalism, Tommy wants to pursue a career in business because there is a large array of jobs you could find with a business major. Finally, Tommy gave props to his father whom, he stated, “always pushes me to be a better person.”

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Tommy Cravedi