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Yashraj Thakuri

Yashraj Thakuri, Editor

Yash, a young writer, looks to make an impact through Journalism on the school community with his knowledge on climate change and global warming. Yash enjoys watching races and movies .


Q - Who has been your role model up to this point?

A- I watch a lot of F1. Lewis Hamilton has been a big role model coming up to this point, he is one of the best racing drivers out there and also contributes to the community.

Q- What will be your impact on the school paper?

A-Climate change is something that I am passionate about, I've taken a couple classes and volunteered outside of school to try and bring awareness to the topic. Now with the ability to publish work I feel like I can make an impact by writing about climate change and hopefully make people see we need to make a change. 

Q- What is your motivation to write about climate change?

A- I come from a country where climate change is a backseat to everything else so when I came here a couple years ago I learned how big of a deal climate change really is. So I really want to make a difference in this field so we can start spreading climate change awareness around the world so this amazing planet can be here as long as possible.

Q- Where would you see yourself in the next 10 years?

A- I would really love to race cars one day watching racing has inspired me  and I have been driving for a long time and really enjoy going fast so racing in a professional setting would be a dream come true.


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Yashraj Thakuri