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Zac Millman, Editor

Purple hair Zac, 17, sat down with me a few doors from the Journalism class for  a quick interview. He talked about his interests and his thoughts on journalism.

Q: What is your favorite class(s) and why?

A: I really like science in general. I always found the classes interesting, but I don't want to go into science. I really like art classes, I’m an art kid.

Q: Do you do any extracurricular activities.

A: I’m in the hall high coral project. I’m the manager of the blue cohort group, so I make sure all work on the upstairs tanks gets done. I also run events and talk to parents and adults about the coral project, so I’m like the PR person.

Q: What's the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word "journalism"

A: I usually think of someone with a notebook, one of those flip-over notepads. And a pen really quickly writing while one person with a camera is recording the person.

Q: Why did you choose to take this class?

A: Mostly I took it because I need another English elective. Like I took creative writing last semester-that was what I was really excited about. I think it will be cool, it will be different. 

Q: What topic(s) do you plan on writing about this semester?

A: I want to write about deciding whether or not to take a gap year during COVID because I think that's a decision a lot of people will have to make. Also, the way clubs have been still going on because I occasionally go to some clubs online.

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