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Alex Bradley
You may think you have seen Alex around the halls, but you may have very well been seeing her twin, Zoe. Born and raised in Manhattan, New York, Alex Bradley moved to West Hartford, Connecticut as she entered sixth grade. Now, at the age of 17, she attends Hall High School and plans on graduating this spring. Her school experience has been full of challenges, but it has also been quite rewarding as Alex has won various awards including the graphic design award, been inducted into National Honors Society, and was named All Academic for gymnastics. 

Though school has consumed a large portion of her life, Alex  is very involved outside of school. Recently, Alex has taken up a job working at the YMCA in Farmington where she teaches something she is extremely passionate about: gymnastics.  It has been truly an inspiring job as she “loves helping teach gymnastics to younger kids.” Along with gymnastics, she enjoys tennis, singing, and playing the piano. She is pursuing these interests currently by singing in Hall High School’s select group, Voce, and playing piano at the Hartford School of Music.

With quite a variety of interests and passion, Alex has decided that she wants to pursue communications as well as psychology and film. Part of her interest in Communication is because the subject “allows her to integrate different forms of media.” Alex feels as though this class, Journalism, will help further her knowledge in the world of communications and hopes to learn how to better her knowledge of media as a whole. 

Alex Bradley, Editor

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Alex Bradley