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Alexei Habermehl
Alexei Habermehl is a 16 year old student at Hall High school. He grew up in Enfield, but then moved to West Hartford when he was 10. Being apart of extra curricular actives interests Alexei, as he is apart of the Hall Muslim Student Association, the Fashion Club,  the Multi Cultural Club, and GSA. Also, he enjoys playing tennis for Hall in the spring.

In school Alexei is an avid student who gets his homework done and prioritizes succeeding in the classroom. His passions outside the classroom include hanging out with his friends, cooking, and experiencing different cultures through traveling in and out of the country. He's taking journalism because he believes in finding out the truth and being educated about society as a whole.

After high school, Alexei plans on studying Business in College out of the country, potentially being in either Tokyo, Japan, or Singapore. A true role model doesn't really exist in his life, as he likes to think things out for himself while picking up important qualities from various people. Personality wise he describes himself as a positive person who “enjoys spreading kindness and happiness to his schoolmates and friends.”

Alexei Habermehl, Editor

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Alexei Habermehl