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Blake Morin
Joseph “Blake” Morin was born on June 13, 2001. He is currently enrolled at Hall High School and is finishing his senior year. After high school, he hopes to get into Roanoke College and run track because he got a full scholarship to the school.

Rather than choosing an English course that follows a structured path, such as an honors English course, he prefers a class that gives him a chance to express himself to his peers. In other classes, he felt constrained because none of the essays he wrote felt genuine. He wanted to write something that correlated with his interests. “I’m not really a straight-path person.” He says. “I like to think outside the box.” Currently, he is taking journalism and has a positive outlook on the class itself. He believes that the class is moving in the direction he hoped it would go and is excited to see how the class progresses.

Blake Morin , Author

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Blake Morin