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Flavio Clermont
Flavio Clermont is 17 years old, and was born December 9, 2002, in Havana, Cuba. He and his mother moved to West Hartford, Connecticut at the age of  4 years-old. One of his main hobbies is photography, which was a deciding factor for his enrollment in Journalism.

Aside from his passion for photography, the aspiration to become a better writer pushed Flavio to take Journalism. His other main pastimes include soccer and running, along with reading a good book every now and again.  Flavio takes most of his inspiration from Barack Obama. Above the multitude of reasons is that “[Obama] went  from a middle class family into the most influential man in America.”

Keen on future planning, Flavio has big aspirations for his post-high school life, his dream is to become an architect. He stated many reasons for this career, but his main point is that he can put his  “artistic ability on display, and to still be creative.” 

Flavio Clermont, Editor

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Flavio Clermont