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Matt Mitrano is an energetic, outgoing, and hard working 18-year-old senior at Hall High School, who enjoys doing a variety of things. He says his favorite hobbies include “pond hockey with the boys,” the Hall Swim Team, “and a little X-box on the side.”

Taking Journalism for Matt was a no-brainer. He describes Journalism as a chance to be more “investigative, and find out if there is a deeper side to the story.” Matt is looking forward to writing new articles about his community and exposing problems.

One thing Matt finds different about Journalism as compared to standard English classes is that all of the writing is eventually published: It makes him feel like he is writing for a purpose. As Matt said, Journalism will help him finish out high school before he “takes the next big step in his life” when he plans to go to college.

Matt Mitrano, Editor

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Matt Mitrano