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Stone Reid
John “Stone” Reid, a senior at Hall High school, was born at Hartford Hospital on April 5, 2001. He started off in Bloomfield, Connecticut for 2 years, then moved to West Hartford.  When asked what he is passionate about, Stone said “I enjoy woodworking because it is relaxing and and you can use something that you create.” For example, he’s been able to make and use, spoons, kazoos, and a table. Stone plays for the volleyball team, as well as playing a lot of video games. He also really enjoys being around friends; that is one of the reasons he plays volleyball. 

Stone wants to take journalism because not only does he want to expand on his writing skills, he also does not like writing essays. After high school, he plans to go into postgraduate school to become an electrician. He is not worried about college, because he feels that he is really enjoying what he is doing and be in the field of being an electrician. Stone has not worked for a news organization previously and is excited to, because he feels it will be a fun time.

Stone Reid, Author

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Stone Reid