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Tali Raichelson
Yesterday I had the good fortune to meet an interesting person right here in my Journalism class.  Tali Raichelson, a 17 year old 12th grader at Hall High School, is from Glastonbury, Connecticut. Tali speaks English and Hebrew, but she would like to learn Spanish as well. She lived in Israel from age 10 until 13. During her three and a half years in Israel, she attended an American International School for grades 5, 6, 7, and half of 8th. Upon her return from Israel, she attended King Philip Middle School for her second half of 8th grade. At Hall, Tali’s favorite subject is chemistry.

Tali is taking this course because she wants to be a more informed citizen that is aware of current events. Upon asking her about potential writing topics, she described wanting to write about “world events so that people know that there is a world outside of the United States”. 

In addition to her studies, she runs cross country on the Hall team. Tali hopes to pursue pre-med in college and eventually become a doctor. Tali is very proud of her father yet she proclaims her mother is one of the most important people in her life.  She says that she can sometimes feel anxious about little things but her mom is always there to calm her down. “My mom,” she said, “encourages me to do the best I can, full effort all the time.” It seems that mothers are similar, no matter the country they come from.

Tali Raichelson , Editor

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Tali Raichelson