Senator Dianne Feinstein Shows Off Her “Sick Pog Collection” to Show that She is in Touch with the Youth of Today



Gabriel Rooney, Staff Writer



Recently, 88 year old Senator Dianne Feinstein (Democrat, Calif.) did an interview with “60 Minutes” in which she made it a point to show off her “sick pog collection” in an attempt to appear in touch with the youth of today. 

A pog is defined as “a cardboard or plastic disk printed with a design or picture, collected or swapped by children or used in games.” 

She introduced her collection to an interviewer saying, “the kids still like pogs, right?” 

She then went on to show off her ‘rarer’ select pogs. “This one is Pikachu, I love his red little cheeks!” she said, pointing to a 1993 coca-cola bottle cap. 

“Isn’t this all just poggers?” she added after showing her collection.

Her recent exhibition comes as a slew of politicians try to appear hip and youthful by taking up hobbies aimed at pre-teens.

 Last week, President Joe Biden said he has started playing “Pokemon GO”, and that his favorite “Pokiman” is the ice cream pokemon, Vanilluxe. 

Senator Chuck Grassely (Republican, Iowa), who as of last August has taken up speedrunning Minecraft on any percentage. Surprisingly, he’s really good at it, holding the third best spot for time on “”. 

Last September, he even started a Youtube channel called “Chuck G.aming” in which he beats “Minecraft” under various conditions, such as playing with only a “Guitar Hero” controller. Right now, he is working on beating “Minecraft” with a “Dance Dance Revolution” pad while blindfolded.

 Last week, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (Democrat, Calif.) challenged her political rival, Kevin McCarthy (Republican, Calif.), to a “Yu-Gi-Oh” duel. Last Friday she made a statement saying she “will send that loser to the shadow realm, and then beat him in Yu-Gi-Oh.”