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The photos that we are sharing represent how important a friendship can be and how sticking together can push you to become a better person. Growing up together has made us become better individuals. We have always stuck together through the good and bad. For the past 17 years we have learned new things about each other and we will always keep learning more. When we were younger, we would always have our differences, but that never stopped us from being so close. As we started to get older we lost contact for about two years, Mariana had moved to Florida, while I was still living in Connecticut. I would always ask Mariana’s grandmother about her but I would never text her myself because I thought she forgot about me. Junior year came around and Mariana came back to finish high school here in West Hartford and I transferred and we both started to attend Hall High School. We finally got to see each other for the first time after two long years. Being with each other again made us so happy because it reminded us of our childhood memories. It also made us realize that we need each other more than anything and we can push each other to do better in school and in life in general.