The Power of Technology

Noe Ruelas, Photojournalist

When I was first introduced to the photo contest, “My Generation”, presented by the New York Times I had no idea what I would be photographing. As the day went on I continued to brainstorm ideas of themes I could implement into my photographs. Suddenly It dawned upon me, my generation is thought to use technology only to update our status quo, take selfies, and binge watch shows. Other generations are always telling us to “take our eyes away from the screen”, but the truth is most of the time we are using technology to learn. 


These are all my friends and contrary to what many think their doing on their screens, they are all using them as a learning device and are not attached at the hip to social media or Netflix. Most of them are finishing college applications, studying for a big test, or finishing their school work. Whether we are in the classroom or not we are always using technology to learn and do schoolwork or college related work. One thing people don’t take into account when they say that we are a technology oriented generation is how much we need technology now a days in school. At school teachers are always asking you if you have access to the internet or a computer at home because they give work that requires technology. Of course every once in a while we’ll check our social media, watch a few shows, or take a break from school, but that doesn’t mean we are glued to our screens. 


My generation has been stereotyped unfairly as tech-dependent by others who haven’t taken into account how much technology is truly required these days. Technology today is used in everyday life in every way imaginable, we are only seen as tech-dependent because we are the generation that grew up with all of the technology. I hope my photographs help inform others that we are not always snap-chatting or texting, but trying our best to learn and make it in today’s society using technology.