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Noe Ruelas, Editor

Noe Ruelas describes himself as “kindhearted, athletic, and open minded person” who looks up to his dad that works hard and supports him in all that he does. His interests include watching Netflix, Hulu, and spending time with friends and family. Noe was born on December 11, 2001 in Los Angeles, California where he lived there for 5 years and later moved to Colorado for 12 years. When his parents then made a big decision to move to Connecticut to open a restaurant called Ocho Cafe, Noe mentioned how moving was difficult because “it was hard to leave friends and made it difficult to make some but [he] got used to it.” He’s interested in the news and decided to take journalism class in hopes that it will be fun and inform him more about the news and even be able to write for it. 

 Noe’s athletic ability shows from playing basketball, baseball and football from childhood years. But discovered that football was going to be a priority. When he started to play football freshman year and sophomore year, his coaches saw that he has potential. As a result, Noe started to receive letters from colleges. He plans on going D1 for college either in-state or out of state. He hopes that in the future he will be in the NFL or be in a sports organization working with marketing and business analytics for sports. He says that “hard work can truly get you where you aspire to be.”  Even though he’s striving in football and recently got in the news, he thinks that students at hall associate him with the jocks but “I know who I am as a person and it’s not that big of a deal [of what people think of me.]” 

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