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Patrick McGann, Editor

Patrick Mcgann, a 17 year old raised in West Hartford, is a “kind, and passionate person who cares a lot about people.” His comfort place is on the field and in turn, sports are a big part of his identity as he plays Football and Basketball for Hall High School. Patricks’ identity also revolves around his Irish and English roots, having his father being from Ireland and his Mother being from England.

Patrick’s hobbies, besides football and basketball, include but aren’t limited to playing Xbox, watching sports, and his favorite, hanging out with friends. He looks up to his father due to his father being happy and successful and also having such a good family, something he strives for in the future.

Aside from sports, he focuses on school. In elementary school, he would fool around a lot and never get work done, but in 6th grade, he became serious about grades, picked himself up, and became successful in the academic field. In the future, he sees himself being involved with the business field. Seeing how he already has such a powerful strive to succeed and continues to showcase great achievements in his academic and athletic field, it wouldn’t be hard to picture him succeeding to his fullest potential. To truly grasp the essence of his character, his reason to live is to “Make everyone else around me happy” and to “be a nice person to everyone”.

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