The stress of covid-19

Adolfo Chacon, Author

Never before has stress played a bigger part in all of our lives when Covid-19 occurred. Covid-19 has changed our lives in ways that we couldn’t believe would happen. Schools got shut down in March and then everyone went into quarantine and couldn’t leave there homes, families lost there jobs and business got shut down. This pandemic seems to have everyone stressing but most importantly students.

Senior students are the most stressed out because of colleges and making up late work before the semester is over. “It would probably be towards the end of the quarters because you would have to complete all of the missing exams.” Maya Ellavsky ( a student at Hall High school) gave me her opinion about the bad and surprisingly good things that has happened so far. “It’s difficult to learn online and find the motivation to do work and it’s a lot. Especially right now since its fall and we have too do colleges.” Students are getting stressed from schools that the only thing they need to do is relax, and there are a few ways to do it.  “I guess I would go on walks when I’m stressed. I would watch Netflix or TV shows. A lot of time I would do my work so I can be less stressed.” Maya explained what calms her down from stress and makes her relax a little bit. I would say some students would do the same things in order to be calmed down but other may have different ways to relieve there own stress.  This article proves that high school students have a difficult time dealing with stress.

But things are about to finally be over. With the school year almost halfway done now kids can focus on the beginning  of a new semester and relax for a little bit.

Anthony portal, and Olivia Otte (Unknown)