Hall High School Sports Teams Continue To Have Successful Fall Seasons

Tyler Bristow and Conlan Wilson

Hall sports teams continue to have impressive fall seasons, as all of the athletes understand the hard work, dedication, and teamwork it takes to accomplish a team goal. Many practices, meets, or matches in school sports can be very long and tiring, frequently lasting until it’s dark and cold. Even through that, all of Hall’s teams try hard until they are done, making sure that they have fulfilled their duties for the day. One example that shows this is after cross country meets when everyone is tired and wanting to rest their breathing and their legs, everyone is required to go on a cooldown run after their hard run race. While at the time, it might not feel good to do, the cooldown runs are what strengthens runners and what will make them improve in preparation for the next race. Everyone is constantly seeking to improve, and this is what makes our school so successful in athletics.