Senior year

Conlan Wilson, Editor

Conlan Wilson, a soccer player at Hall High School, is one of the freshest additions to Hall Record. He’s coming off an impressive soccer career, and he’s ready to take on the world of journalism and science. The center mid has a future ahead of him in college and has hopes to go into a STEM field.

Q: What activity are you most passionate about?

A: I am most passionate about soccer. I play soccer pretty much year ‘round and I really enjoy playing because it forces you to work together as a team. I love working as a team and continuously improving as the season goes on.

Q: What position do you play, and are you excited about this position?

A: I play center mid and I’ve always played that position since I started playing soccer, but I am willing to play whatever position the team needs.

Q: What is your favorite version of yourself?

A: It’s a version where I do my best work at everything and I am always working hard, and I work well with others.

Q: What are your nearest and farthest goals?

A: My farthest goal is to graduate college and just have a successful career in whatever I do. I’d say a goal that I want to work toward this year is improving the soccer team, and going on to win the state tournament.


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