Hall Record

Ahmed running in Hall vs Avon, NW Catholic - 10/3/2023

Ahmed Mahmoud, Editor

Ahmed Mahmoud is a cross-country runner who wants to explore his interests through journalism.
Q: What topics do you plan on writing about?
A: Probably something about sports or technology.
Q: What do you plan on doing after high school?
A: something in computer science, business, or graphic design, I have these three in mind.
Q: What kind of stories do you like to see?
A: I'd like to see some stuff that's happening around me or something in my interest.
Q: What is your biggest goal?
A: My biggest goal is to finish this class with an A and in the future have a good business.
Q: Why did you decide to take journalism?
A: my teacher just put out a bunch of slides. And I said, Oh, which one do you recommend? She just said journalism, so I just picked it.

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Ahmed Mahmoud