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Daniel Cattelan

Daniel Cattelan is a person who enjoys watching movies and TV shows which, he plans to write about.
Q: Why did you pick this class?
A: I looked at the slideshows that they were showing us at the end of the year, and I thought this one looked interesting.
Q: Do you have a passion for English classes?
A: I like English classes, just not the ones I've taken in the past years. They have not been super interesting because we learned about older types of media and books. I like newer stuff more.
Q: Are Graphic Design and Video Taking some of your favorite things?
A: Yes, it is. I liked taking those classes and learning about videography and photography.
Q: How do you think digital media will affect you interviewing people in the future?
A: I already have experience interviewing people because of the Fox News story So I feel like that class has taught me some interview skills
Q: Do you plan to write about the entertainment field?
A: Yes, that's going to be all the stuff I write about like reality TV, new shows coming out, and movies.

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Daniel Cattelan