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Alexander Ciafone, Editor

Alex Ciafone is a 18 year old senior at Hall, He is a smart young man who has hopes to become an engineer in his future career. In his spare time he likes to find ways to better himself as a student and a peer.

Q: What do you like to do in your free time?

A: I try to keep myself busy, keeping up on school work accomplishes this well. Just finding something new that looks interesting that I would like to read into more also tends to take up most of my free time.

Q: What activities do you participate in outside of school?

A: At the moment I am involved with the baseball team at Hall. I find that most of my life has revolved around baseball bringing me to do many things I would not have done otherwise. From baseball I have traveled around the country with various teams which I have found to make myself a more well rounded person. I also enjoy working out with my Dad, it's always been a something we do together that we both enjoy.

Q: How are you with other people?

A: It depends, I tend to be very closed off with people and I find that I need to broaden horizons with who I surround myself with. I tend to shy away from people I don't know or just make up small talk to avoid conversation.

Q: How are you in school?

A: I tend to get good grades in the classes that I find intriguing.  I have always struggled with english classes but have always worked hard to still manage to get my grade somewhere I want it to be. I enjoy math and science classes, I like the challenge and always seem to find new ways to solve problems. I wanted to take journalism try and break this streak a little bit and become a more well rounded student with more knowledge in life. In journalism I will try to write about personal experiences and things that many of my classmates can relate to in order to create change in our community. 

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Alexander Ciafone