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Amelia Searls, Editor

Amelia Searls, 17, is an active participate in the Hall High School Community. Through her active participation and contributions to the community she is a great source to read from.

Q: Why did you decide to take Journalism?

A: I thought it was really cool that you can choose whatever you want to write about and I thought it was a really different class so I decided to take it.  

Q:What activities are you involved in? 

A: I play Field Hockey, I am a lifeguard, I work at a restaurant, and I am co-president of student government. 

Q: How would your friends describe you? Your parents? 

A: I think they would say I am a pretty relaxed and laid back person. I think my parents would say I am self motivated and a pretty good kid. 

Q:Where do you see yourself in 15 years? 

A:  In 15 years I want to be a nurse, so hopefully I will be working in a hospital or a private practice. 

Q: Which event helped define who you are? 

A: I would probably say  when I moved to West Hartford in second grade. It was hard to find friends because most people already had friends, but it all ended up okay.

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Amelia Searls